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Special Characters in RefinementFilter

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When attempting to use a refiner with values containing special characters (hyphen, dash, backslash, etc) you’ll run into an issue where the refinementfilters=’property:equals(“value-name”)’ doesn’t return any results (despite the refiner indicating that it has results matching this value). There is a technet discussion¬†around this issue, but the suggested resolution loses the precision of the “:equals” […]

JavaScript Event That Fires When SharePoint Page Has Finished Loading

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If you’ve ever had an issue with JavaScript running before the element you’re trying to manipulate on a SharePoint page has loaded, this post is for you. Rather than momentarily considering using something terrible like a setTimeout to delay execution, we can instead use an event that will let us know when the “body” of […]

Building a Custom Filter Web Part for a List View Web Part, the Easy Way

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This might not meet everyone’s needs, if you have a truly difficult filter (or even multiple Lists on the same page that you don’t want to filter together), this might not work, but the most common configuration I’ve run into is a standalone page with a List View for a specific list. This is usually […]