Special Characters in RefinementFilter

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When attempting to use a refiner with values containing special characters (hyphen, dash, backslash, etc) you’ll run into an issue where the refinementfilters=’property:equals(“value-name”)’ doesn’t return any results (despite the refiner indicating that it has results matching this value). There is a technet discussion¬†around this issue, but the suggested resolution loses the precision of the “:equals” […]

Bulk uploading images to a Picture Library with meta data… sort of.

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In SharePoint, Picture Libraries are some mythical special creature, unlike any other list or library. It’s the only place you can get the Image column… and the views are severely limited. There are also issues around “Upload multiple files” not working… I’ve seen posts that suggest you need to install the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, […]

Making SharePoint Show “Real Errors”

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Mostly writing this so I have somewhere to point people who ask me how to do this… 1. Browse to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\ 2. Locate any web applications you are interested in (Central Admin can be identified by the port number) 3. Edit the web.config files with the following: a. Find the “CallStack” attribute and set it […]

Editing Your Hosts File

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Here’s a reference page on how to add items to your hosts file. Adding items to your hosts file allows you to set up a sort of “local DNS” to access sites even when your DNS server doesn’t know how to get to them, this is often used in development. Note that you need administrator […]

JavaScript Event That Fires When SharePoint Page Has Finished Loading

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If you’ve ever had an issue with JavaScript running before the element you’re trying to manipulate on a SharePoint page has loaded, this post is for you. Rather than momentarily considering using something terrible like a setTimeout to delay execution, we can instead use an event that will let us know when the “body” of […]

Building a Custom Filter Web Part for a List View Web Part, the Easy Way

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This might not meet everyone’s needs, if you have a truly difficult filter (or even multiple Lists on the same page that you don’t want to filter together), this might not work, but the most common configuration I’ve run into is a standalone page with a List View for a specific list. This is usually […]

Generating an iCal (.ics) file from a SharePoint Calendar List Item

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Here’s the quick tip around generating an iCal file for an item in a SharePoint Calender List. You can generate it using the owssvr.dll with a link structured in the following fashion: http://<SITE_URL>/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=109&Cmd=Display&List={<LIST_GUID>}&CacheControl=1&ID=<ITEM_ID>&Using=event.ics <SITE_URL> = The URL of the site that hosts the Calendar List you’re referencing <LIST_GUID> = The GUID of the Calendar List […]